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We offer an array of programs to help, and mentor our youth.

We envision a world where accessible opportunities for personal and artistic growth help us all reach our fullest potential.


Our objective is to create well-rounded individuals who are equipped with essential life skills and capable of making a lasting impact. Through our dedication to these values, we aim to foster personal and community growth, strengthen our connections with various stakeholders, and build vibrant and inclusive communities.

‘Opportunities Day School Tour’ Grand Finale 2024 Interview on Studio 10 

Today, we bring you an exciting update on a initiative aimed at shaping the future of our youth. The Opportunities Day School Tour, a flagship program dedicated to inspiring and empowering students across Mobile County, is gearing up for its grand finale! We’re not just talking talent—this event is a hub of knowledge and resources, with over 40 organizations coming together to support our community.

Opportunity Day Grand Finale

We're looking for impactful organizations to join us at our Grand Finale of our Opportunities Days School Tour on Saturday, May 4, 2024, at Bishop State Community College in Mobile, AL!

Our event aims to inspire and empower citizens of all ages by showcasing diverse educational and career pathways, mental health resources, and community engagement opportunities. After engaging with over 9000 students and educators across 11 Mobile County Public Schools this year, we're gearing up for a spectacular Grand Finale where winners from our School Talent Shows will compete on one stage for the grand prize!

Why You Should Join Us:

[✨] Connect directly with our community and

         drive personal and professional growth.

[✨] Spark inspiration and open doors for

         countless individuals.

[✨]  Play a vital role in shaping the success and

          well-being of our community.


[✨]  Unveil untapped potential and expand your

          talent pool through face-to-face interactions.



Event Details:
Date: Saturday, May 4, 2024
Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm
Location: Bishop State Community College, Delchamps Building
Address: 351 N Broad Street, Mobile, AL 36603

Why You Should Join Us:
Community Engagement: Connect directly with our community and be part of a movement driving personal and professional growth.
Inspire Futures: Your presence can spark inspiration and open doors for countless individuals.

Impactful Contribution: Play a vital role in shaping the success and well-being of our community.

Talent Discovery: Unveil untapped potential and expand your talent pool through face-to-face interactions.

Event Highlights:
Vendor Networking and Interviews: Connect with like-minded vendors and local media personalities to amplify your impact.

Community Resource Event: Showcase your organization's offerings in a vibrant, supportive atmosphere.

Youth Talent Showcase: Witness and support exceptional young talent in a captivating showcase.

Our Mission:
At Opportunities Days, we are committed to creating platforms that inspire and empower youth to explore and seize opportunities in education, careers, mental health resources, and community engagement. The Grand Finale brings all our winners together on one stage and is now open to the entire community!
Additional Exciting Features:
Onsite Job Interviews and Offers: Organizations like Whataburger and A&R Hospitality Group will conduct interviews and offer job opportunities.
Banking Services: Common Wealth Bank will be onsite offering checking accounts with waived $100 deposit requirements for individuals securing job offers at the event.

Event Schedule:
10:00am - 2:00pm: Open doors to the public for a dynamic Community Resource Event, Live Music from Dj Rod Ski with DJ Dirty Dan also featuring food trucks, youth activities. Information on continuing education and career paths to community safety measures, mental health resources, mentorship programs, violence prevention, a celebration of the rich culture that Mobile has to offer and invaluable networking opportunities.
1:00pm – 2:00pm: Youth Talent Showcase.
This event is more than just a gathering; it's a celebration of our future leaders and the vibrant culture of Mobile.





Come out for the Lip Sync Battle at the Soul Kitchen: Performing for a Purpose


Our seven teams competing in the 4th annual Lip Sync Battle presented by Infirmary Health are judged by a panel of local “celebrities” on choreography, creativity, song selection, costumes, and of course, lip syncing abilities! These judges will be scrutinizing each team as they take the stage and letting us know just what they think of each performance. We are excited to welcome Lenise Ligon, Meredith Hicks, Kalenski Adams aka DJ Dirty Dan, Ryan Pablo Foster, Symone French, and Diana Stanford Brinson to the judges’ platform! Be sure to join us at Soul Kitchen next Thursday, April 25th to hear what they have to say about these knock-out performances!


Mobile's Multicultural Music Festival

July 12th - 14th

MOB Music Fest is held in Downtown Mobile over a 3-day period. Musical artists  from various genres (including indie, country, bluegrass, rock, alternative, gospel, soul, funk, jazz, brass band, blues, R&B and hip-hop), perform to an audience of up to 5,000.

Alabama Hip Hop Week 2024

July 15th - 21st

 Alabama Hip Hop Week is a platform that is dedicated to community outreach and providing a safe environment for the youth (Gun Violence & Mental Health. Alabama Hip Hop Week is a week-long event that will take place at several different locations through-out the week in different communities.



Opportunities Day School Tour Health & Resources Fair

We host a youth mental heath fair & talent showcase at local Mobile County Public Schools; where we focus on community resources available to our youth. We invite organizations that focus on continuing education, mental health awareness, violence prevention, community safety, mentorship, financial literacy and much more. At each event we do invite speakers that we can introduce to the attendees who can have a positive influence on our youth. 

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